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Announcement: Crowdfunding Campaign!

Collecting funds to finance development of Josoor Answers

Natalie Zarzour

June 2nd, 2018

In August, we will launch our first crowdfunding campaign with the hopes of collecting 40.000 € to finance the development of our first app, Josoor Answers.

Why Crowdfunding?

There are many ways we could choose to generate the funds we need to develop Josoor Answers. In fact, we are constantly applying for funds, collecting regular donations and asking sponsors for larger amounts for Josoor as a whole. A lot of the work so far has also been funded by our team members themselves.

But for Josoor Answers, we chose to rely most heavily on crowdfunding for two reasons: first, testing if the app would be worth developing already starts with seeing how many potential users like it enough to support us in building it. But, more importantly, we believe that to be able to develop Josoor Answers as the real community based platform we envision, it has to be independent from governments and large individual donors. To make it the most powerful version it can be, we need your support to develop it - so that all decision making power about all its features stays with the community.

We started as a grassroots initiative - and we want to stay that way. This is why it’s crucial that we, the community, the people who will be the users of Josoor Answers, are also the ones financing it.

How will it work?

We will use one of the big crowdfunding platforms - one that gives 100% of donations to the project itself, without deducting any fees. On this online campaign site, we will explain the details of Josoor Answers, including a sneak-peak into the prototype, show you all the great perks you will get as a thank you for your donation, and tell you more about the story of Josoor and our Team!

With the algorithms of such crowdfunding platforms, it is crucial to collect many small donations from different donors in the first days - so we are aiming to get as many donations as possible on the first of August, which is when the campaign will launch.

To make that happen, all July long we will do our best to grow our followers and prepare them to get ready to donate as soon as we launch the campaign!

How you can support us!

To support us in making the crowdfunding campaign a success and develop Josoor Answers, please share our facebook pages as much as possible - especially to facebook groups of refugees and/or supporters, or even ask influencers and people with many followers to share it!

In the first days of August, donate any amount you can afford. If every single person who liked our pages on Facebook would donate only two Euros, that would be all the money we need!

Also, if you can’t afford to donate anything but really like the idea, you can find creative ways to collect donations for us! Some ideas are group fundraising where you ask your friends or coworkers to give you 50 Cents each to collect a sum worth donating - remember, two Euros for each follower are all it takes!

Or, if you feel extra motivated, go to festivals where drinks are sold in returnable cups, collect as many of those cups as possible from people who would often just throw them away anyways, and collect the money (usually one Euro each)!

Instead of a gift for a friends birthday, you can also donate and get one of our perks - they will be awesome, we promise ;)

Together, we can make this work and develop Josoor Answers before the year is over - so start now, and share as much as you can!

What You Can Do

Support Josoor by helping us spread the word by sharing this page on Facebook or by making a donation to enable the development of our projects

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