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Josoor Answers

Empowering refugees & supporters to bridge the language barrier and exchange trustworthy information

Natalie Zarzour

June 11, 2018

Wherever refugees are in the world: one of their biggest challenges is access to information. Josoor Answers will fill that gap - for anyone, anywhere, in any language.

The challenge

90% [1] of refugees report a lack of information. Whether it is legal or bureaucratic, the labor or the housing market: information is scattered, contradictory, or outdated. The biggest reason for this is the language barrier - the other one is the lack of an overview of information.

40% [2] of the time supporters volunteer to help refugees is thus spent on researching and translating information - valuable time that could otherwise be used for much more efficient joint activities regarding integration.

Both refugees and supporters help each other out by exchanging information online. But the platforms available are less than ideal for that purpose:

  • They don’t organise the information exchanged - it gets lost in the feeds.
  • Users are restricted to their own language group - so they each share information among their own group only.
  • Some platforms are not even available in the languages needed
  • Or they are simply too complicated for average users

The solution: Josoor Answers

Josoor Answers will be the first online platform connecting refugees & supporters to exchange information by asking and answering questions. Its features will enable users to collectively bridge the language barrier and ensure quality and trustworthiness of the content.

On Josoor Answers, you will be able to:

  • Search Search the database for the information you need
  • Ask If the information you are looking for is not available yet, get it by asking the community
  • Answer Help fellow members by sharing your knowledge and answering their questions
  • Suggest Edits Collectively, we can put all the information in once place by suggesting edits to an existing answer
  • Review Help review the content exchanged to ensure its relevance and quality
  • Translate Help the community bridge the language barrier by translating information

By asking and answering questions, users will automatically contribute to building the largest database of information for everybody involved in the global refugee crisis, accessible to everyone, everywhere and in every language.

When will it launch?

Concept and design are ready and we are ready to start development of Josoor Answers - as soon as we collected the necessary funds. From then on, it will take approximately three months of development and preparation to the launch of the Beta Version. Another two to three months of testing will be necessary until Josoor Answers can be launched publicly.

Initially launched in Arabic, English and German, we will soon scale up by adding additional languages like Dari, Farsi, French, Somali, and many more.

If you like the idea, share your thoughts on if and how it would help you in this survey! It's only 5 questions


[1] Maximilian Schreieck, Jonas Zitzelsberger, Sebastian Siepe, Manuel Wiesche, Helmut Krcmar: Supporting Refugees in Every Day Life – Intercultural Design Evaluation of an Application for Local Information. Twenty First Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, Langkawi 2017.

[2] Serhat Karakayali, J. Olaf Kleist: EFA-Studie 2: Strukturen und Motive der ehrenamtlichen Flüchtlingsarbeit in Deutschland, 2. Forschungsbericht: Ergebnisse einer explorativen Umfrage vom November/Dezember 2015, Berlin: Berliner Institut für empirische Integrations- und Migrationsforschung (BIM), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 2016

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