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Josoor Connect

Connecting refugees & supporters to build strong, active and inclusive communities.

Natalie Zarzour

June 18, 2018

The biggest challenge for refugees in their new homes is rebuilding their social lives. Josoor Connect will serve as the focal point for refugees to connect with local supporters and other refugees.

Isolation and loneliness

The biggest challenge for refugees in their new home is rebuilding their social lives. Often all alone, on their own and not yet able to speak the local language, many refugees feel isolated and lonely.

There are a number of initiatives that try to counteract this problem through buddy programs, intercultural events, etc. Even if they do help a lot and are indeed a good place for many refugees to get started, those initiatives often have one or several of the following problems:

  • Serving only a very limited number of refugees
  • Enabling only superficial exchange
  • Very hard to find for refugees
  • Only accessible to those refugees that speak the local language already - or English.
  • Lack of refugee’s involvement in planning and implementing the programs- and therefore reinforce their role as passive recipients of offers.

Supporters often feel alone in their efforts and misunderstood by their environment. There are some offers for them such as supervision and networking meetings, but they are very limited and priority is usually given to actual assistance. Yet it is essential for supporters to gain strength, energy and motivation through exchanging and networking with like-minded people - especially when the political environment is making their work increasingly difficult.

The solution: Josoor Connect

With the help of the App Josoor Connect and local representatives called “Ambassadors” we can build strong, active and, above all, inclusive local communities around the world, connected in the global community of Josoor.

Members of Josoor are welcome to attend monthly events of their local Josoor community to meet with other refugees and supporters to collaborate on Projects while finding human connection and support, spending a fun time and making new friends.

Josoor Connect thereby provides a focal point for refugees with a supportive community and a welcoming environment to rebuild their social lives.

Supporters find a safe space to exchange and support each other in their local Josoor community as well as connect with refugees in a fun way.

All members can collaborate on projects and initiatives to solve problems they face - and connect with other communities around the world when it comes to finding and disseminating the best practice solutions and ideas globally. Additionally, we are able to unite our voices beyond national borders to form a strong pressure group of civil society to weigh in and counteract current political developments.

With Josoor Connect, we want to offer everybody involved in the refugee movement a welcoming community in which they can recharge their batteries and gain hope. In the current political climate, where our societies are becoming increasingly polarized while racism and xenophobia are steadily increasing and fear and prejudice win elections, this is more necessary than ever.

When will Josoor Connect launch?

We plan to launch the first Josoor Community in Vienna in autumn 2018. From then on, we will call for applications for the role of Ambassador in all other communities and, depending on when we've filled those posts, add more communities continuously.

What You Can Do

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