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Josoor in a Nutshell

Uniting Refugees & Supporters

Natalie Zarzour

June 6, 2018

For the vision of a world where refugees feel at home wherever they are, we develop a community platform for refugees & supporters with several applications. Starting with an online platform to exchange information and local communities to connect with others, we empower everyone involved in the global refugee crisis.

What is Josoor?

Josoor is a non-profit Organisation developing tools to enable refugees & local supporters to connect, exchange and help each other out.

United by the vision of a world where refugees feel at home wherever they are, our team is working on a community platform for refugees & supporters all over the world.

Starting with Josoor Answers and Josoor Connect, we will build applications to empower everybody involved in the global refugee crisis so they can realise their full potential.

Josoor Answers

Wherever refugees are in the world: one of their biggest challenges is access to information. Even for supporters who speak the local language that can be arduous.

Josoor Answers is an online platform connecting refugees & supporters to exchange information by asking and answering questions. Including features that enable collective translation and review, users are enabled to bridge the language barrier as well as ensure quality and trustworthiness of the content.

By asking and answering questions, users automatically contribute to building the largest database of information for everybody involved in the global refugee crisis.

Josoor Connect

With Josoor Connect, we bring the Josoor community offline to connect “in real life”.

The biggest challenge for refugees in their new homes is to rebuild a social life - and many supporters feel isolated in their efforts as well.

With the help of local representatives called “Ambassadors” we can build strong, active and inclusive local communities all over the world, connected in the global Josoor community.

All members of Josoor are welcome to attend monthly events and mingle with other refugees and supporters to find human connection and support, spend a fun time and make new friends.

When will it be launched?

After a lot of research, testing, failing and retrying, we have now completed the planning stages for Josoor Answers and Josoor Connect.

In the next few months, we will focus on building support and obtain the funds necessary to implement the two projects.

While working on fund applications, searching for grants and collecting donations, we are currently preparing a crowdfunding campaign which will be launched in August.

If everything goes well and we receive the funds necessary, we will start with the first events of Josoor Connect in September and start developing Josoor Answers in October.

What can you do to support Josoor?

  • Share, share share! The more people know about and follow Josoor, the more money we can generate in the crowdfunding campaign in August
  • Donate Developing Josoor Answers is costly. Since we are and will stay independent from governments and political parties, we rely on civil society - you! - to generate the funds needed.
  • Donate your skills & time Apart from donating your time to spread the word about Josoor, we are still looking for volunteers with specific skills. E-mail us to!

What You Can Do

Support Josoor by helping us spread the word by sharing this page on Facebook or by making a donation to enable the development of our projects

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