Privacy Statement

Here at Josoor we take your privacy seriously. We will send as little information as possible to third party services and only if you allow us to do so. By default we are not collecting any data.

Your Current Privacy Settings

Here you can decide whether you want to help us improve our website by saving cookies and collecting anonymized usage statistics:

What Data is Being Collected?

In general we are only collecting data with your consent and as little as possible. Additionally we try to anonymize data where possible.


In order to better understand how our users are interacting with the Josoor Website, we use Google Analytics to track basic data like pages you visit and from which other websites you have been directed here. We do not transmit personal data to Google Analytics. If you want to know more about how Google is using the collected data, please read the Google Privacy Website.


In order to let you directly like or share any page of our website we are providing you with Facebook buttons. We are not in control of the data that Facebook might collect about you. Please read the Facebook Privacy Policy to get more information.