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For a world where universal human rights are applicable to every individual and solidarity transcends all borders.

Announcement on the Dissolution of Josoor

After two and a half years of supporting pushback survivors and documenting fundamental rights violations at the hands of the current EU border regime, we have made the heartbreaking decision to dissolve Josoor, which was dictated by a series of cumulative factors, among them the deteriorating situation in Turkey, the erosion of the Rule of Law in Europe and the escalation of the War on Migration as well as an immense lack of funding.

Josoor has now officially and permanently stopped all operations. We will still be reachable via until the 1st of October when the association will officially be dissolved. 

We remain eternally grateful to all of our team members, donors, followers and partners who believed in and supported our work. Even more so for all the people whom we have supported, for their trust in us, the lessons they taught us, and the stories they have shared. 

While the legal entity will be dissolved this fall, Josoor's vision of a world where human rights are applicable to every individual and solidarity transcends all borders will remain.

A detailed explanation
of the reasons, impact and more can be read in our full statement here:

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