About Josoor

Who we are, what we do and how you can help us

Josoor ("bridge" in Arabic) is an association founded in 2015 by Syrian refugee Qutaiba Zarzour and local volunteer Natalie Gruber in Vienna, Austria with the goal of developing an online platform to connect everyone involved in the European refugee crisis.

Put on hold for a few years, we reactivated the website and specifically the blog we created years ago to report on our work in the new crisis on the borders of Europe in 2020.

Our team is made up of refugees and locals from more than ten countries who all felt desperate when faced with the events on the Greek islands as well as the Turkish/Greek border and connected online to take action.

On March 10, we sent a first team on the ground to Edirne to assess the situation. Unfortunately, we soon realised that a large scale civil response is not possible as it is -politically- unwanted. We thus focused on connecting with other individuals and initiatives on the ground to continue supporting the tens of thousands of refugees as much as possible in spite of the difficult circumstances while publishing the information we got and still get from the ground.

Our partner teams on the ground (in Edirne, Istanbul and at the coast) continue to help for as long as possible in cooperation with other initiatives. That help consists mostly of distributing products like plastic sheets, underwear, medicine, food and sanitary products.

We currently focuses on coordination, fundraising, outreach, publicity as well as political and legal efforts such as proceedings before the ECHR.

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