About Josoor

We envision a world where human rights are applicable to every individual and solidarity transcends all borders.

Our Mission
Josoor supports and provides emergency relief for those suffering at the hands of the current EU border regime. We monitor human rights violations whilst simultaneously advocating for a humane asylum & migration system and international cross-border solidarity.

Who we are
Josoor is a self-governed non-profit organisation registered in Austria, uniting a team from a range of different backgrounds and countries across the globe.

Our small and flexible ground teams provide emergency relief and support for people affected by the current EU border regime. We cooperate with a wide range of other initiatives to provide basic needs for refugees* where governments fail to do so. We monitor human rights violations to raise awareness about the inhumane conditions at our borders for those seeking protection. Josoor is currently focused on supporting victims of pushbacks and other refugees in Turkey. All our actions are guided by the principles of solidarity, independence, impartiality, oneness and transparency. 

The word “josoor” means “bridge” in Arabic. When we founded Josoor in 2015, we chose that name to reflect our goal of connecting refugees, supporters and initiatives with each other on a common platform. As the focus and context of our work shifted, so did our understanding of the name Josoor. We now understand our name to both reflect unity across borders, within our team (from 12 different countries) as well as with our beneficiaries, and as a symbol for travelling and crossing.

Working Principles

All of our work is grounded in crossborder solidarity because we believe in universal human rights and the responsibility to assure they apply for everyone in this interconnected world. We see the right to a life in peace and freedom as one of the most crucial ones and believe that those of us who were lucky enough to be born into it have an obligation to use their privileges to enable others to enjoy it as well. 

The decision to offer support is based on our evaluation of the situation. We do so independently of political, economic or religious interests. We’ve never had, do not currently nor will we ever have any affiliations with political parties, governments or religious groups. 

We support people seeking protection based on their needs, regardless of nationality, religious beliefs or political affiliations. We give priority to the most vulnerable people and the most urgent cases.

We acknowledge that nobody can choose where and with which passport they are born. In our current world, this lottery defines our possibilities - but never our worth, our dignity or our potential as human beings. We therefore meet all people as equals on eye-level, always keeping in mind that our positions could just as well have been reversed. 

We take responsibility for our actions and account for them to our beneficiaries and donors while being transparent on our choices. We commit to full transparency with regards to the source of our funding and the way we use the funds entrusted to us.

Refugees first
Josoors actions are first and foremost humanitarian. We strive to support people seeking protection as best we can and always act in their best interest. We respect their confidentiality, their capability and right to make their own decisions and above all, we ensure to do them no harm. 

The Josoor Charter

All of our members:

- stand in solidarity with people seeking protection

-do so irrespective of nationality, religion or political convictions

- observe impartiality in the name of cross-border solidarity and the right to humanitarian assistance

- respect their professional code of ethics and maintain complete independence from all political, religious or economic powers in their work

- prioritise the needs and safety of the people we support above all other considerations in their activities

- understand the risks and dangers of their work and make no claim for themselves for any form of compensation other than what the association might be able to afford them

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