Josoor Transparency

Because we only deserve your trust after proving we're trustworthy

We believe that every organisation needs to be transparent with their finances because donors have the right to know how their donations are being spent and see the impact they are having.

How we fund our work

Josoor is funded primarily through private donations from several hundred one time donors and a handful of monthly donors. We’ve also received funds from other initiatives, namely One Bridge to Idomeni, Cambiemos el Juego and We Act Sweden.
Most of our funds come through our fundraising campaign.

We have also received a 15.000 € grant from Stiftungsfonds Zivile Seenotrettung.

How we spend your donations

The funds we receive through your donations are spent in different locations in Turkey, particularly in two long- term projects in Edirne and Istanbul. In addition, we provide support all over Turkey on a case by case basis. All of our team members are volunteers. Our administrative costs are thus mainly transaction fees.

For details, see our Financial Report:

2020 Annual Report

Our annual report provides a clearer picture on what your donations achieved: